ASC Coffered Ceiling

Highly Effective Broadband Acoustic Control
If you have a home theater with too much reverberation, our Coffered Ceiling may be exactly what you need to help control the sound without turning down the volume. Typical home theaters which benefit most have large areas of glass windows, hard surface floors and sheetrock ceilings. When sound builds up in your theater, multiple reflections quickly fill the room with noise. This noise can cause a lack of musical detail and poor dialog intelligibility. At ASC, we specialize in mitigating noise issues such as this, and have specified the Coffered Ceiling for countless dozens of projects.

Easy Installation
Every Coffered Ceiling we sell is shipped in kit form with complete instructions and templates. In most cases, an entire room can be installed in hours. There are numerous ways to fasten it to a ceiling, typically using acoustic ceiling tile adhesive. ASC custom designs each Coffered Ceiling project so you won’t have to relocate lights, vents or utilities. We can work with your designer to customize almost any aspect of the Coffered Ceiling to include hidden wire runs, even lights.

Its available covered with 5 in-stock Guilford of Maine 701 fabrics, or choose from many special order colors to match your specific needs.

ASC's Coffered Ceiling is featured in the August '06 issue of Wall and Ceiling Journal.

"Rooms suited to ASC's Coffered Ceiling often have large areas of glass windows, hard surface floors and sheetrock ceilings. Conference rooms, restaurants or churches are examples where sound can build up, making conversation difficult because of cross talk, a term for horizontal sound reflections bouncing off the ceiling and floor. What ASC did was add the absorptive qualities of acoustic fiberglass to its product to quell noise without “over-deadening” the sound."

ASC's Coffered Ceiling is featured in the March '07 issue of The Trowel Magazine.

"If you are working on a wall, you add sound panels to get room acoustics. If you are working on a ceiling, you add sound grids. Acoustic Sciences Corp of Eugene, Oregon is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of wide variety of architectural sound grids for drywall ceilings."

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Coffered Ceiling Details

Strong and durable with excellent acoustics

Easily mounts on almost any ceiling

Maintains ambience and treble diffusion

Durable surface for easy care

Quick and simple installation

Low cost acoustic treatment without the clutter

Won’t clash with existing decor

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