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Home Theater Acoustics

A five-part article in Home Theater magazine, October 1993 - February 1994

► Volume 1 | How the Distraction Factor of the Room Is Important

► Volume 2 | Common Home Theater Acoustic Problems

► Volume 3 | How Resonant Modes Create Sound Cancellation

► Volume 4 | Speaker Positioning For Maximum Sound

► Volume 5 | Flutter Echo/Flutter Tones In the Home Theater

Home Theater magazine

Unlocking the Best Audio Performance From Your System

ASC helped Gary Altunian in a two-part article in the Audio Video Interiors "tear out guide" in the Feb/Oct 2008 issues of Home Theater Magazine, covering the ASC TubeTrap in detail.

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Modes, Modes and More Modes

A detailed discussion concerning home theater acoustic priciples originally published in the October 2005 edition of Home Theater Builder Magazine. Written by Arthur Noxon, PE, Licensed Acoustic Engineer

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tas oct 2004Room Acoustics: Audio's Final Frontier

A roundtable discussion on room acoustics, equalization, and DSP-based room correction originally published in The Absolute Sound, October/November, 2004.

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Subwoofers: Source of Noise Pollution

The home theater subwoofer can become a neighborhood noise pollution problem. You’ll know if you get phone calls that interrupt your late night movies. Lawnmowers and leaf blowers may be the scourge of noise pollution during the daytime but late at night, it’s the subwoofer.

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