March, 2008-

ASC helped Gary Altunian in part two of an article in the Audio Video Interiors "tear out guide" in Home Theater Magazine, covers the ASC TubeTrap in detail. The name of the article is "Unlocking the Best Audio Performance From Your System". We'll post a direct link when one become available. Meanwhile, here's an excerpt:

"The speakers seemed to virtually disappear, replaced by a three-dimensional sonic image of the recording with a soundstage I've only heard on the finest audio systems. Details I've never heard in some recordings were suddenly there, as if I were playing a different version of the same performance. Separation of multiple instruments and vocals was obvious and stunning. The TubeTraps produced a remarkable difference."

ASC's Art Noxon Featured in February 2008 Home Theater Magazine Article

February, 2008-

Arthur Noxon recently shared his acoustic expertise with Gary Altunian for an article in the Audio Video Interiors "tear out guide" in Home Theater Magazine. The name of the article is "Unlocking the Best Audio Performance From Your System". Click on the link below for the full article. Meanwhile, here's an excerpt:

"The dimensions, shape, and features of a listening room can have a profound effect on sound quality, starting with the bass. Based on its dimensions and shape, every room has resonant modes or standing wave resonances that either reinforce or attenuate bass frequencies. The most common malady is boomy or heavy bass. And if the bass isn't right, nothing sounds good. Room-resonance modes are present in frequencies from 20 hertz up to about 300 Hz, and they first occur when a sound's wavelength is twice the length of the room.

They also occur at twice, three times, and four times the first or fundamental frequency. For example, if a room resonance exists at 48 Hz, a second resonance will exist at 96 Hz, a third at 144 Hz, and so on. The room's width and height also create the own room resonances, and where these resonant frequencies combine, they cause peaks and/or dips in the bass response. Art Noxon, president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, a manufacturer of acoustic treatment products, describes the best bass as individual pulses followed by quiet, or intersonic silence. Each bass note should sound distinct; nonetheless, room resonances tend to blur the bass and make all bass notes sound the same."


New Soundproofing Articles hit

September, 2007 -

Arthur Noxon was recently interviewed for several soundproofing articles posted on

"How to handle noisy neighbors"

"10 tips for finding a quiet apartment"

"Bass, that low boom from your neighbor's stereo, takes a lot of energy to produce. ("Bass waves physically shake the walls," says Arthur Noxon, president of Acoustic Sciences. "It's like you walk up to the wall and double your fist up and hit it.") These low-frequency sound waves are especially hard to combat since they travel far and wide, bending easily around objects."

ASC Custom Acoustics Used For High End Home Theater

ASC WallDamp Featured in AIA Talk Given by Arthur Noxon

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New SubTrap Review

Stereophile magazine has reviewed our SubTrap and here are their conclusions:

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