ASC SoundPanels

Our Most Popular Acoustic Panel Product
The ASC Sound Panel has quickly become a popular product with its engaging beveled relief face, white or black picture frame trim, and beautiful selection of fabrics. The sound panel is designed to mount on walls or ceilings in any configuration, and adds an artistic element when used in group arrays. Simply mount the panels at primary and secondary reflection points to enhance imaging and eliminate smearing. Or, place them on walls to soften echoes through absorption and diffusion of sound.

Incredible Finish Quality
The Sound Panel provides absorption from 200Hz up through the entire treble range. Like other ASC products, a built-in reflector strip is used to maintain diffusive ambience. Additionally, when placed on 2-3 foot intervals, the panel's edge diffraction induces mid-range lateral diffusion for enhanced spaciousness.

ASC’s own fabrication technicians will hand build and meticulously assemble each Panel to a quality standard only available from ASC. SoundPlanks are available covered with 5 in-stock Guilford of Maine 701 fabrics, or choose from many special order colors to match your specific needs.

SoundPanel Details
8" wide x 2" deep; 48" tall or custom
1/2" vinyl frame
Built-in mini reflective strip for 400Hz and above
Absorptive down to 200Hz
Provide absorption and diffusion when installed with arrayed spacing

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