ASC TubeTraps

Unsurpassed Acoustic Conditioning for the Home Theater
The unique ASC TubeTrap is a corner loaded bass trap that is unmatched in home theater acoustics. It’s low frequency absorption is determined by the diameter of the TubeTrap, the greater the diameter, the lower the roll-off. Unlike any other product available on the market today, Acoustic Sciences has engineered your sound experience to absolute perfection. The result of hundreds of hours of research and development, testing, and decades of real-world use, many have tried to copy our product, yet none have succeeded. When only the best will do, home theater designers choose our TubeTrap. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, one can fine tune almost any listening situation regardless of size or complexity.

Basic Architechtural Building Block
Our engineers will work with your designer to adapt the TubeTrap to fit your room in an unobtrusive way. Think of it as a column that fits in the corners and along the walls of your theater. The main benefit is a dramatic increase in audio clarity, especially bass clarity, allowing you to crank up the volume. Even when its loud, audio and spoken dialog remains crisp and clear.Available covered with 5 in-stock Guilford of Maine 701 fabrics, or choose from many special order colors to match your specific needs.

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